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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Addi’s Faith Foundation. We couldn’t continue to pursue our mission if it wasn’t for our amazing Volunteers, Junior Ambassadors and Addi’s Allies. We understand that everyone has unique skills and interests, and we strive to work with each volunteer individually to find the best way to contribute to our cause.


Event Volunteers

We offer various volunteer opportunities year-round. Join our volunteer email list to stay informed about upcoming opportunities.

Addi's Faith Foundation

Junior Ambassadors

The purpose of the Junior Ambassadors is to advise the AFF Board of Directors in matters that increase awareness of AFF’s mission and recruit volunteers among school-aged youth, raise funds, and develop future leaders. 

*Applications for the 2024/25 team are currently being accepted through May 17, 2024. Click HERE for a reference letter form.

together we succeed

The Addi's Allies Program

We’ll help you create your own mini charity without all the hassle. The Addi’s Allies Program is designed to help pediatric cancer families tell their stories and fundraise to help end childhood cancer or support families with childhood cancer. Through the Addi’s Allies Program, you’ll join the Addi’s Faith family of parents and children, friends and family, fighters and supporters, all dedicated to the same goal. Don’t let the many challenges of starting a nonprofit extinguish your passion for finding a cure! AFF has handled the tedious administrative and regulatory tasks involved with a nonprofit. This allows you to focus on your goal! Once you’ve signed up, we’ll provide you with a toolkit to help turn your vision into a reality!

Volunteers Of The Year

The Volunteer of the Year award is given annually to someone who goes way above and beyond.
Someone who is truly the backbone of our organization that we need, trust, and value. 

2023 Junior Ambassador of the Year

Faith Bowden

Faith has been volunteering with Addi’s Faith Foundation for so many years that we can’t really remember a time when she wasn’t involved…and we’re guessing she can’t either.  From handing out food/water at our 5K, to referring dodgeball tournaments, to making posters, to participating in the parade, you name it, she’s done it. We are so thankful to have had her help all these years!

2022 Volunteer of the year

Troy and Amy Ahrens

Amy and Troy have worked their tails off at every walk by faith from well before the sun rises until the very last cone was picked up and stored away. They have offered love, guidance, and support every step of all 15 years of Addi’s Faith Foundation. 

2020 Volunteer of the year

Jennifer Pisani

This fun-loving, generous girl has been a part of AFF for years, just snapping away at all our events. She worked with us on a project that brought in funds at a time when nothing else was coming in. We adore this beautiful lady who makes sure that all our highlights are captured.

2018 Volunteer of the year

Michele Cazares

Michele has been a part of Addi’s Faith since the beginning and has served in multiple capacities. From serving meals at the Ronald McDonald House, to early morning set-ups at Walk by Faith, to taking care of dinner at Addishack, this woman does it all with a smile on her face. 

2016 Volunteer of the year

Melissa Smith

Melissa is truly a game-changer! She has been with AFF from the very beginning and has committed herself to helping at every major AFF event since. Her commitment to the cause runs deep and has spilled over into her sweet children, who also pitch in and help consistently. 

2023 Volunteer of the year

The Bowden Family

Philanthropy runs deep in this family, and they are always in the middle of one service project or another. Annually, they wrangle all their friends to join their Walk by Faith team.  More than once they’ve allowed their home to be overrun with the collection and storage of items to be distributed to hospitalized kids.  They fundraise and they donate.  They show up early and they stay late. 

2021 Volunteer of the year

The Keller Family

Since the very beginning, no matter the event, this family is there. From parents to children, this family has contributed to AFF in BIG ways. Junior Ambassadors, sponsors, donors, board member, Sunshine Circle members and all-around advocates for all things Addi’s Faith.

2019 Volunteer of the year

The Koehler Family

From handling all of the accounting and payroll, working booths to building parade floats, leading (and being members of) the junior ambassadors, coordinating all aspects of Gold Fight Win, and a million other things, they are always the first to step in to help for the past 12 years! 

2017 Volunteer of the year

Cheryl Tomashek

Cheryl has lovingly served alongside AFF from the very beginning to help raise money and awareness for a cause that is close to her heart. Volunteering her time to help others is just a part of who she is, and she has passed this trait down to her children who have both helped with multiple AFF events.

Volunteer Spotlight