Addi’s Faith Foundation’s purpose is to fund childhood cancer research as well as provide financial and emotional support to families struggling to care for a child with cancer. This purpose is rooted in and founded upon faith in our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. Our hope is that AFF is a light to the world so that others may give glory to our Heavenly Father as a result of our good works.
Faith Is At The Center

Statement of Faith

Addi’s Faith Foundation hopes to shine the light of Jesus on families with children battling cancer by walking through life with you in this difficult season of life. Our Spirit Care team will provide personalized spiritual support based on your level of comfort & needs.

If you would like prayer or spiritual support we are here to walk with you through this journey. Please complete the form below and we will reach out to you soon!

Addi’s Faith Foundation will provide our services and monetary gifts to all people who qualify for our support regardless of their faith background and beliefs. 

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Do It Again - Elevation Worship

Need Reassurance?

I’m still in your hands, This is my confidence, You’ve never failed me yet. Do you need reassurance that God is present? Are you crying out for God to move again? Listen to these songs and be encouraged that He hears our prayers.

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