Easing The Cancer Care Burden

Helping Families Focus On Healing

Financial assistance applications are accepted from any child in the US under the age of 18, any type of cancer diagnosis, and from all income levels. Although Addi’s Faith Foundation strives to help as many families as possible, we simply cannot meet every request and priority is given to Houston area, brain tumor patients, with a high financial need.

For your application to be reviewed, you must submit the following:

Application thoroughly completed by a parent or legal guardian. The more information you can provide the better!

A patient confirmation letter from your doctor or licensed social worker on letterhead explaining the child’s diagnosis, family situation, and treatment plans for the next 60 days.

A copy of a recent bill that we can use to make a direct payment.

Child’s photo. This is not a requirement, but we love to put a face with the name.

Apply Online Here

If you meet the specified criteria and require assistance, please complete the application. For additional questions, email us at info@addisfaith.org.

Delivered Straight To You

Giving The Gift of Food

The need for food can be very real for families struggling with healthcare expenses. We are able to provide Uber Eats and Instacart Gift Cards to families with children battling cancer — giving them access to warm, nutritious, meals and grocery deliveries while they are inpatient for treatment. If you would like to apply for a gift card please use the button below. Gift cards are distributed electronically each week.

Requests for gift cards are accepted from families in the Houston area (at Texas Children’s Hospital, MD Anderson, or Memorial Hermann) who have previously applied for and received financial assistance from Addi’s Faith Foundation. Gift cards are meant to support families that are in the hospital for treatment, so please only apply during admission or when an admission is scheduled. Requests may be submitted once per month up to three times. Gift cards are distributed weekly. Please allow 1-3 days for an electronic gift card to be received via email.

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