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Funding Childhood Cancer Research

Problem: Childhood cancer research is grossly underfunded. With 12 different types of childhood cancer (and dozens of subtypes) some of the rarest of these cancers can go decades without any progress. Current treatment protocols cause long-term chronic health issues including organ damage, fertility issues, and even secondary cancers.

Solution: Fund pediatric childhood cancer research initiatives that pinpoint less toxic, more effective treatments.

Research has significantly improved childhood cancer survival rates, with the overall five-year survival rate rising from under 60% in the 1970s to over 80% today. This instills hope in our vision: a world where every child is cured of cancer, enabling them to lead long, healthy lives.

Addi’s Faith Foundation has donated 2.3 million dollars to MD Anderson to continue their research with pediatric brain tumors.

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Together with your help we are changing the landscape of childhood cancer research. Any donation you can give pushes us one step closer in ending this horrible disease.




A message from Dr. Gopalakrishnan to Addi’s Faith Foundation

MD Anderson Research Lab dedicated to AFF

In Memory of Addison Faith Bender

MD Anderson Research Lab Dedicated To AFF

We are thrilled to announce that the Pediatric Neuro-Oncology Research Lab at MD Anderson Cancer Center was named in memory of Addison Faith Bender. We humbly share this honor with each and every one of Addi’s Faith Foundation’s generous supporters. Read More

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