Jessica Gilbert

Director of Family Relief

Jessica Gilbert

Jessica’s son, Alden, was diagnosed with a high-risk form of a childhood cancer, neuroblastoma, when he was 2 months old. He immediately began intense treatment that spanned a year and a half. Soon after treatment was complete, doctors gave the confirmation that Alden’s body had no evidence of disease and he has remained cancer free. Driven by the call to provide some relief and comfort to families with a pediatric cancer diagnosis, Jessica and husband, Tony, began delivering meals to children and families that were inpatient for treatment. Funded through bake sales and supported by their family, friends and church, the ministry known as Relief Project developed and it worked to honor those who have fought and help those who are fighting. Having received support from AFF during her son’s treatment, Jessica stayed in touch and in 2019 joined forces by taking on the coordination of AFF’s family outreach program which is now known as Addi’s Faith Foundation’s Relief Project.

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